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Hey there! I got news…an interesting one. Everyone loves a good gist, just as everyone loves a good internet. Well, if that’s the case, then this is going to be two of the best things you love! Alright, welcome!

Couple of weeks ago, NOIA — the blockchain project set to change the way we look at the internet forever! Announced the release of the pre-launch of their network in preparation for the final release. …


We surf the internet; almost every day. While most visit the internet, others live on it and spend most of their active hours on the internet. A bigger percentage belongs to the former, a good number makes up the later. Regardless of which class you belong to, the internet is a general utility. An average human spends over thirty minutes on the internet daily. This statistic may differ due to a couple of factors.

Depending on the infrastructure available to an internet user, our internet experience may differ and our perception of the internet’s efficiency may vary. This is normal…

Hey, let me guess, you moved from Steem, Hive or similar platforms to publish0x, Medium or theCapital? Or maybe, the other way round.

Personally, I’ve found a certain level of balance and I am continuously working to settle down on both calibre of web platforms. Yes, I get your point and clearly understand how it feels struggling to find a balance between both platforms and what they offer.

For someone moving to decentralized web platforms like Steem and Hive, you probably had one of your contents or your blog as a whole censored in a very unbearable way and you’ve…


I’ve come across numerous articles tipping bitcoin and cryptocurrencies over fiat currencies and a couple more insinuating the inferiority of traditional hard currencies and suggesting these currencies might become obsolete and deprecated in the near future. ‘The death of fiat is imminent’ they say, but is this really true? I don’t know what your answer might be, but I strongly doubt if the days of paper currencies are anywhere near an end, especially not with the current state of the crypto space.

Recent trends of countries employing blockchain technology in certain sectors including finance has fueled the trend of people…

Your definition of farming must have changed significantly from whatever it was about two years ago.

‘It ain’t much, but it’s honest work’

Well, very honest…except if you are part of the rug pull gang, lol.

With DeFi, blockchain developers are building prototypes which could serve really important use in the finance sector, globally.

Personally, I’m more fascinated by the idea of Automated Market Making (AMM); however, amongst the numerous enticing features of decentralized finance projects, ‘yield farming’ has gained its place as one of the most exciting prospects of decentralized financial systems. The idea of leveraging DeFi protocols to…

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies’ journey from mere ideas to arguably the biggest financial and technological disruption of the past two decades would make an interesting movie. Blockbuster! Kind of… written throughout the SCRIPT would be stories of incredible developers, free thinkers and most importantly; amazing COMMUNITIES which pioneered the success of various cryptocurrency projects from baby stages till stability.

The essence of an enthusiastic community can never be over emphasized, every idea needs a community. We have seen this play out countless times. Having this in mind, we are setting out on a mission to build a formidable community about…well EVERYTHING.

Flashback to a previous article, blockchain project — PASCAL is building a robust messaging application on top of its blockchain. The Pascal messenger is being designed to fit into the cravings of contemporary society while connecting the missing dots in human communication. One after the other, Pascal is fixing a lot while remaining relatively unnoticed… or rather ‘ignored’.

According to the development proposals and discussions by the developers, the Pascal messenger will utilize already existing features on the Pascal blockchain and a couple of newly developed features to enable the messaging on the Pascal blockchain.

Achieving perfect privacy and seamless…


You’re probably too engrossed with ethereum the mainnet and cross-chains project and you easily get blown away by the plausible inventions in these two spaces. Yeah; that was me sometimes ago too. Cryptocurrency would probably be boring without ethereum, projects built on it and other projects ‘copying’ and improving its features. Smart contracts used to be the most fascinating thing about ethereum blockchain; currently, that wouldn’t make the top five list for most cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Decentralized Artificial intelligence, decentralized Oracles, Gaming, NFT, DeFi; you’ll easily run out of air while trying to list solutions built on the ethereum blockchain. It…

I’m plugged in with MUTE. I mean; it’s literally the most impressive cryptocurrency project currently, not just for me, you’d say the same when you do your research. I’ve been stacking some MUTE and VOICE lately — the two tokens powering the Mute ecosystem. While Mute token gives you a share of mute’s ecosystem, Voice gives you a share of Mute’s governance and the economy as well. Well, I’m not about to lecture you on these tokens…at least not for now.

Regardless of what keeps you attracted to cryptocurrency as a concept, only very few people will reject an opportunity…

We are close to completing the swap process for NIX token holders. Feels nostalgic; at the same time, we are overwhelmed by what is to come and the real feeling of a new beginning has heralded each and every one of us at Mute. Right from inception, we have held one thing in high esteem — developing true solutions; a goal which we have transformed into a tradition. As NIX, we pursued this in earnest; writing pieces of codes, suggesting new solutions and well, fixing bugs!

Privacy is a human right; we keep repeating this! It is our value for…

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