2021’s biggest trends in your own language [Part II].


We dropped the First part of this series somewhere in the metaverse. I mean, metaverse was the last topic on the previous part! We are yet to purchase a land on the metaverse. That’s by the way though. We discussed a number of popular trends that shaped the year 2021 and based on suggestions, we have put together another set of trends we missed out on last time. The blame is on us.

Let’s get to it already!


Even if you’re not a fan of games, you’re surely a fan of money. If you can relate to any of these, then you might want to check out one of these play-to-earn projects. Adventures or battle games (Football games aren’t available yet, just for your information.), there’s a wide array of games you can check out and see if you can finally abandon your day job to focus on a new ‘challenge’. Not a financial advice anyways.

A handful of people already quit their day jobs to focus on their play-to-earn career. Good luck to their former employees in finding a replacement! Actually, many people did quit their day jobs to focus on their cryptocurrency career. Cryptocurrency being a more lucrative venture should be their main reason for taking this decision. If they dropped their 9–5 for a crypto career just to get more free time, then I’m sorry…they made the worst decision. But that’s by the way.

Cross chains

Ethereum sucks! But what is ethereum? Not a popular question but a few newbies might ask this exact question. Yes, many other similar blockchains are being used more frequently than Ethereum blockchain. Newbies are notably not so comfortable with losing money, this is just not the set of people to play on the ethereum blockchain. You already know why.

Paying $40 for an average smart contract interaction is not something you would happily do, at least not so often. Paying this fee doesn’t even guarantee an executed transaction. Just like I said earlier, Ethereum sucks! Any blockchain enthusiast will gladly ditch the very innovative blockchain at this point if possible. That’s where cross chains come in.

Avalanche, fantom, Binance smart chain, polygon and other similar projects present a faster and more efficient replica of the ethereum blockchain. Little wonder why they gained so much love from the crypto community. One of the biggest trends; it’s surprising we omitted it!

Stable coins

Ok this is weird, for real. Not so weird anyways, billions of tokenized dollars are minted almost every month. It will be wrong not to include one of the most mysterious part of crypto business. Printing was at its highest this year so yeah, it deserves a place in our big book.

Not sure if tether still has some questions to answer; if yes, they shouldn’t be the only ones answering these questions. A good number of stable coin projects fill up the space, each minting and distributing its own stable coin. These dollars are claimed to be properly backed by real world assets…including the gold we hate so much here. Some are backed by ‘algorithms’ though, lol.

Well, we’ve said too much anyways but the printers had a tough year just like everyone of us.

Layer 2

It’s a coincidence that we are featuring this together with cross chains; but what a coincidence!
Yeah, ethereum 2.0 might be coming next year but layer 2 solutions represent the biggest threat to cross chains; at least until Vitalik pulls the engine on Ethereum 2.0.

Layer 2 includes a number of solutions working to scale the ethereum blockchain by moving away from the main layer without sacrificing security and decentralization.

You probably didn’t ask for that explanation, but, all well though. Layer 2 solutions are already building up a rave. Not so popular for now but definitely worth a mention. With Zksync launching their mainnet ‘soon’, layer 2 projects are ready to launch on ethereum and combact layer 1 and cross chain projects, worthy of mention is Mute — the Layer 2 project building a full suite DeFi platform with privacy features.

Much said already but somehow, we feel like we haven’t covered every trend yet. Keep your suggestions coming though, we might stretch this series to the next year.

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