Announcing the second Pascal coin writing Contest: Over 5,000Pasc to be won!

Get in here all ye wordsmiths!. We promised a writing contest but we are pleased to announce a WRITING SPREE!

We had so much fun last time, and we are craving for an even better repeat! Take action, let your voice be heard. The second Pascal writing contest is a multi-category writing contest aimed at presenting cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts an opportunity to share their knowledge of Pascal coin, and get rewarded for doing so.

We value your words, and we appreciate it! There’s an opportunity for everyone, and exciting rewards to be won by participants. This contest is open to everyone.

We have specified FOUR different categories with different subjects to expand our coverage and increase the scope of participation. Participants will be required to present their possible best writings on any preferred category.

Note: participants can enroll in all categories, however, double submission for one category will be unaccepted.

Resources to assist participants are provided at the end of this publications, scroll till the end to find out basic resources you need to get started

Here are the four categories:

  1. Pascal account (PASA) explained The pascal blockchain is unique in many aspects including the account obtaining process. Participants in this category are expected to write a comprehensive essay on: What a Pascal account (PASA) is and how the PASA works How a new user can obtain a pascal account (through our mobile wallet, free account distribution platform or through peer-to-peer account donation) using the public key. Basic uses of a Pascal account
  2. Endeavour to include links to resourceful websites (mobile and desktop wallet download links and freepasa website) as regards this in your article.
    Explanatory pictures is a huge plus!
  3. Blockchain technology, Pascal coin in focus The last decade have seen blockchain technology emerge as one of the most advanced and exciting computing protocol whose application is endless. In this category, participants are required to share their knowledge about blockchain technology with Pascal blockchain in focus. How much do you know about blockchain technology and its application? What are the unique features of Pascal blockchain and how does it differ from other blockchains? Put your thoughts in words, we are all ears! Endeavour to include links to resourceful websites (mobile and desktop wallet download links ) as regards this in your article. Explanatory pictures is a huge plus!
  4. About Pascal mining pools You probably mined a couple of coins, maybe not, but you may have heard about cryptocurrency mining and a bit of how it works. Pascal coin is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency and pascal coins are generated through the process of mining. Participants in this category are required to explain how pascal coin mining and mining pools work. The differences between these mining pools and how they are used to earn Pascal coins. Endeavour to include links to the resourceful websites (RHminer and polyminer ) as regards this in your article. Explanatory pictures is a huge plus!
  5. What is Pascal coin? This should come first, right? I think so too. Arguably the vastest category. Participants here are required to write almost anything they know about Pascal coin…just anything. You might want to tell us about The pascal coin community An overview of pascal coin project What pascal coin stands for (decentralization is one, of course!) Core features of pascal coin (the safebox technology, delible blockchain, atomic swap, unique wallet address) Just anything! Endeavour to include links to resourceful websites as regards this in your article. Explanatory pictures is a huge plus!

When you are done writing, here’s how you can get your article to us. Note: sharing links to your articles on social media is a huge plus (let us know if you do) Extra requirements The pascal logo (above) must be included on the top of your articles. Include vital project links (provided below) in your articles.

Procedure for submission

Participants may choose to post their write-ups on Publish0x, Medium,, Steemit, Hive blog, blurt blog, uptrennd and substack

Use #PascalCoinExplained as one of your tags.

Submit the link to your entry under this announcement or head over to our discord channel (link below) and post the link to your entry on the ‘entry for contest’ channel. You may also share your article on twitter with the #PascalCoinExplained tag..

Anyone or a combination of these will do!

Alright here’s the part you can’t wait to hear!

Reward for winners

Top quality articles in each category will be rewarded as follows:

First place — 600pasc

Second place — 300pasc

Third — sixth place –150pasc

Note that you can take part in as many categories as possible, nevertheless, we will not accept double entries for one category.

Deadline: Interested participants are expected to submit their entries from 6th August — 17th September. Results will be announced seven days after submissions have closed.

Useful resources

Free pascal Account distribution website:

How to mine pascal coin:
Polyminer Github profile:

Getting started with pascal coin:

Desktop wallet download link:

Mobile wallet download link(iOS):

Mobile wallet donwnload link(Android OS):

Project official website:
check out the FAQ session for some handy information

Discord channel:

Twitter handle:

Facebook page:

LinkedIn page:

Github profile:

Join the telegram channel of our Arabic community

Follow our Arabic community



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