Being Satoshi: What the bitcoin creator could be thinking.

At its current value, bitcoin’s total market capitalization is well above $150 billion, much higher than Tesla’s market capitalization, despite being a younger concept, bitcoin have made much progress on the market front and have unarguably drawn more followership than most companies created in the past two decades. But unlike these other companies/concepts, it has given birth to countless other similar concepts with over five thousand cryptocurrencies on tracking services and many others still untracked and the total documented cryptocurrency markets soaring above $260 billion and breaking through $300 billion at intervals.

Well, that was a whole lot of money flying through the thing air, you could buy a Tesla car or use some Amazon services, but in contrast, cryptocurrencies on the market are more like digitized gold, despite not being tangible, they could be worth a whole lot, with one bitcoin at {$10,000} this is unarguable. This surely gets you marveled, how this could be possible remains a mystery and as bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology continues making progress and the prices skyrocketing, this mystery deepens even more.

But an even bigger mystery lies on the identity of the original creator of the bitcoin blockchain and bitcoin cryptocurrency, I beg your pardon Craig but the real identity of the bitcoin creator still lies in the deepest mystery. The recent trends and uproar concerning who this mysterious figure is have even made his/her/their/its identity blurrier.

A Cuban drug lord? A super-intelligent computer programmer? A CIA agent or the CIA itself? The United states of America or the Chinese? The list continues and literally every prominent figure in the crypto and tech space is a suspect. Hey Elon, if you’re not the creator of bitcoin, at least let us know if you are the creator of dogecoin, that will help us a lot, thanks! Just kidding anyways, but the rocketman’s outspoken love for dogecoin is suspicious.

Well, that’s ‘by the way’, we are not going to drag the identity of the bitcoin creator, that’s an issue for another day…which I hope never comes, wouldn’t dive into mysteries, they deepen more on attempts to unveil them.

A little thought, how would feel if you are Satoshi Nakamoto, now, this is not just about having over a million bitcoins it is also about being the creator of a $300 billion concept and being one of the most mysterious figures in the tech space (if not the most mysterious). It’s hard to put anyone’s self in such shoes, even for a second it feels like a moist and spikey big shoe to fit into, so let’s not even make that attempt.

But for a while, wonder what the bitcoin creator(s) might be thinking right now? I’m taking a shot at it, let me see yours in the comment section!

How did we get here?


Bitcoin as a company is worth over $160 billion, that’s well over Elon Musk’s Tesla! Breathtaking! From the zero point to Lazslo’s 10,000btc pizza purchase and now $10,000 for just one bitcoin and speculations that this will get even higher. How did we get here? Satoshi will probably ponder on this throughout his exile in Cuba! Not sure he is still there though…lol. But where ever or whoever he is, it is almost certain he didn’t see his creation going this far. ‘These guys took this too far!’ he probably didn’t expect the earliest bitcoin adopters to take this too seriously. But they did, they did!

Looking back at the earliest days of bitcoin, even $1 for a bitcoin will still be considered a very huge success, but $10,000 is out of this world! I’m sure the bitcoin creator thinks the same, well, probably. But if I were to be him, this will certainly hit my mind twice every second.

What about these one million stuffs?

If you have a thousand bitcoins sitting in your wallet(s), then you’d certainly take a look at them once every minute, now wonder what happen if you have a million of them. At the current value this will sure be my new televi$ion! And this becomes even more complicated when this wallet is monitored heavily and any move from it will certainly shake the crypto space. For the fact that a 50btc transfer from the earliest bitcoin wallet caused a serious (negative) price movement, any movement from Satoshi’s wallet will certainly have an explosive effect either way.

So, what do we do about these one million bitcoins? Bitcoin’s creator surely needs an answer to this question as he is running out of funds to pay for his penthouse resort in the middle east. Just kidding, again. But if the bitcoin creator really has this wallet in his custody, then he is surely stuck at finding out how to liquidate a part or all his fortunes.

Who is Craig Wright?


Before the bitcoin creator changed his name to Satoshi Nakamoto, before his ‘experiment’ went on to become a trillion dollar concept, before Elon Musk bought his first Dogecoin there lived a common man bearing a common name, not sure what his name really is but probably he is also having some issues remembering his original name.

Roger ver? Craig Wright? Charlie lee? Hey Mom, what is my name again? And who is Craig wright? A couple of people have come up to associate themselves with bitcoin’s creation but somehow I just love the Craig Wright man, man has made close efforts, even if he is not Satoshi, I suggest we give him that, at least as an accolade “Satoshi Craig Wright”, not sure how that sounds to you…lol.

If the bitcoin creator is not really Craig Wright or isn’t associated with him in anyway, then he must be wondering who this guy is, I hope he knows him at least. It must be depressive seeing a stranger claim your identity.

What next?

The crypto space is the most volatile environment in the business and tech world, anything can happen and at any time, and Satoshi in his hideouts will wonder what these guys at up to next. DeFi is the current trend, but being an experienced person in the crypto space, it is just a matter of time before this trend is overtaken by another concept, maybe Artificial Intelligence on the blockchain, or may be Donald Trump giving his approval on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It is hard to guess what will happen next with bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This bothers me, but I’m sure it bothers Satoshi more.

What else could the bitcoin creator be thinking? Join the discussion, share your thoughts, I’ll be listening!



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