Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are coming for everything!

I know Peter Schiff might never get to read this, but if by any chance he does; this is meant for him…and any one in his school of thought. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of his. I mean he is accidentally one of the greatest bitcoin evangelists. Put him in the same position with Michael Saylor! Peter’s son is bitcoiner, I can only imagine what the family discussions will be like…should really be fun.

The preference gap between cryptocurrencies and other forms of investment widens against age. Times are changing, the new age sees bitcoin as the future, real gold is pretty much outdated. Altcoins retain their image as the technological ‘advancers’ while bitcoin continues its journey towards attaining that ‘digital gold’ figure.

Bitcoin (and most other cryptocurrencies) represents a revolutionary shift from a far dated financial and administrational system. Blockchain — the technology which powers cryptocurrencies, presents a distributed ledger system with an enhanced level of transparency. It hopes to decentralize some decision-making process, shift the power to the majority and as well enhance productivity in any area where they are applied. Developed by individuals who seek to change the way things are done in the financial, administrational and even more sectors; blockchain solutions are far reaching and constantly expanding their niche(s).

Alright, this whole article was meant to be funny. Doubting the potentials of arguably the most discussed topic worldwide is funny too. Not to be sarcastic but cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are both ripping every industry apart. While much of the adoption isn’t really about the technological distinction, the superior economy of at least the number one cryptocurrency is unarguable. Your favourite developers are currently learning how to build decentralized applications on smart contract platforms.

It’s shaping up — a future lead by decentralized technologies. Even if values don’t blow up in response, applications are blowing up. If you didn’t mint any of those Adidas NFTs, then one of your friends probably did. The United states is making some moves towards digital assets. Positive or negative, the strongest economy in the world isn’t throwing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology under the bus…you shouldn’t too.

We’re currently in the phase of ‘merchant adoption’. Retailers and retail firms are adopting cryptocurrency and blockchain-powered payment solutions. With national policies getting more favourable for digital assets, a wave of national adoption is just a matter of time. ‘Time’ could be soon.

Depending on how high your stakes against cryptocurrency and blockchain is, you might want to consider the number of firms in various sectors looking to dive into the digital asset space or gearing up to adopt blockchain solutions and develop novel solutions on the blockchain.

The future may not be fully decentralized but the relevance of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is sure to improve. When digital assets take their deserved place, the misplaced comparisons will be put aside and real utilities will be built on decentralized platform; before that happens, keep your bets coming. It’s exciting what the (near) future holds for this space.

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