Fixing it with Pascal coin; Part 1: Blockchain scalability

Hey Jimmy, turn the shill mode on for me please; a little bit higher. Thank you! . Alright guys, it’s getting nervous over here, I might have shilled Tesla stocks sometimes in the past and a couple of others, but, I’m not sure I ever shilled any cryptocurrency project on purpose, at least not one I’m affiliated to in a way. But, as a matter of fact, these guys are killing it…have been killing it to be frank. My shill mode is switched on, (Thank you once again Jimmy ) and I’m about to get so proud about this project, and make you feel the same too!

Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies are currently being judged by their market performances, I mean, only few really cares about the technology, but that’s a huge drift from the initial idea. But tech wins at the end of the day. When it comes to price movements, I can’t say this project have been really killing it (for now!), but tech wise; it is up there with the best…unarguably.

Alright, alright! If you are running a full bitcoin and/or ethereum node(s) and not just using light mobile wallets, then for sure you are already dedicating a whole high-end (mid-end, at least) device to this process. It’s amazing the amount of memory space these stuffs can consume! right? The size of Ethereum’s archival nodes currently sits at over four (4) terabytes (4Tb) and the actual blockchain size well over a hundred (100) Gigabytes and each block adding two (2) Megabytes to this already huge figure, the Ethereum blockchain according to many ‘will never scale’ and in 2019, Bloomberg reported the Ethereum blockchain is ‘almost full’. Scalability and memory friendliness are both very appealing features and good ingredients for mainstream adoption.

Chart culled from Etherscan

If there’s really any common problem faced by (most) every blockchain, it is the ability to expand the capacity of the blockchain to contain the ever-increasing data on the blockchain — Scalability. These data include hashes and records of transactions on the blockchain. Scalability in its real sense applies not only to blockchain technology but also the economics, organizational management, supply chain management and every other activity which requires changing one’s capabilities to suit the tides.

In computing and data storage, a truly scalable system is able to contain every transaction and is limitless in the amount of data it can carry. Blockchain start-ups faces this problem commonly as the struggle to achieve a truly infinite scalable blockchain continues. While many blockchain projects boast of being scalable, these end of being just ‘claims’ and, only few can boast of reasonable scalability, infinite scalability is hence an illusion and a bogus proposal by these projects.

A couple smart projects seek to achieve blockchain-level scalability via several approaches, but these fail to solve their scalability issues and the blockchain size continues to expand relative to the size of data generated on the blockchain and stored. While many other blockchains have attempted to create flexible blockchains whose transaction data occupy much lesser space in the data storage system, flexibility only appears to reduce the time and amount of transactions it would take before the blockchain size will need to be expanded, hence it’s just a matter of time before they fall back to the first approach which defeats the goal of infinite scalability.

Finding the best solution to blockchain scalability issues have been a long journey, and for most projects, the journey continues, but for Pascal Coin, you can put this in the history books. Pascal presents a truly infinite scalable blockchain powered by its ‘delible’ blockchain algorithm which ensures that the blockchain stays relatively the same and expands negligibly with the increasing amount of data stored on the pascal blockchain.

How Pascal blockchain achieves infinite scalability.

If device memories could be expanded without limits and our devices can work well with some high capacity cryptocurrency nodes running on them, then seeking scalability solutions wouldn’t be a thing. But with each transaction on the blockchain generating a lot of data which needs to be stored, accessed and assessed on the blockchain and with limits to how much we can expand our device memories, scalability is hence desired for high data structures like the blockchain and its node.

Pascal coin introduced the concept of delible blockchains to solve the scalability issue. A delible blockchain is one whose transaction can be ‘deleted’ from the blockchain and sent to the archives with the blockchain retaining the Simplified Payment Verification (SPV). Pascal blockchain nodes discards blocks after the height of 100. Guess I’ll need to come clearer, deleting the previous 100 blocks implies that once the Pascal nodes exceeds a block height of 100, previous 100 blocks are discarded and sent to the archives. This way, Pascal blockchain only stores the flow of transactions rather than the history — a fundamental breakthrough in Blockchain technology which ensures that the Pascal network can run for centuries at arbitrarily-high throughput and yet still require less storage than Bitcoin does today!

The pascal blockchain makes a new copy of the Safebox (the safebox is the principal algorithm of the pascal blockchain) after 100 blocks, this new copy of the safebox is known as ‘a Checkpoint’, the checkpoint contains the latest blocks. When synchronizing the blockchain, only the latest checkpoint is downloaded, this keeps the keeps the blockchain size as light as 25Mb of data! Pascal blockchain’s light size and infinite scalability is powered by this impressive algorithm.

The long-term viability of a cryptocurrency network depends on an “Infinitely Scalable” architecture, something Pascal has pioneered (exclusively). In a global adoption scenario where user demand is orders of magnitude higher than the current cryptocurrency market an Infinitely Scalable architecture will become mandatory!

Alright, I guess I hit it too hard on the shill machine, but the technology put in place by pascal coin to solve a couple of long-standing blockchain issues is amazing! Keep my shill mode on Jimmy! More shills coming your way, stay tuned!

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