Fixing it with Pascal coin; part 4: Simple and Flexible spend protocol.

We’ve gone three steps into this series; and still counting! Now if you missed out on any, you can easily find them here, here and here, well I guess you didn’t miss all three and that’s a bit surplus to your needs.

Alright, here’s a task I hope you’d take some minutes to do: Make an attempt at memorizing your regular cryptocurrency wallet address…lol. Hell of a work right?

The Human brain is a very efficient machine and our memories could hold limitless amount of data in its right sense, despite the volatility of our memory, we could still memorize a whole lot of things and keep them with us for a very long period of time. However, memorizing “0x0246ECb8E18179Ee41463d5361979634E6C8557B” might be too much to ask!

If you’re a total noob in the crypto space (I doubt), then, for the sake of your knowledge, the address above is an ethereum wallet address and having known that, memorizing the wallet address is only one of the issues you’ll have while trying to make transactions.

Lengthy and boring addresses, high transaction fees and slow transaction speed…guess cryptocurrency and blockchain technology isn’t as fun as you were told earlier, right? Now that was a loud YES.

Despite the masterpiece of many blockchain projects, engineering the spend protocols to fit the needs of regular users has become a very tedious task, apart from the ethereum blockchain used above, most blockchains presents a rather tedious spend protocol and using these blockchain for regular transactions could be a ‘pin in the skin’.

Needless to say, in the absence of an algorithm which allows the transfer and reception of a unique asset, the utility of a blockchain is minimal for financial purposes, while such blockchains can still function in storage of information; a financial management technology which hopes to serve the people and replace (or at least augment) existing financial technologies must have a medium of exchange of assets which at least allows its users to move ‘funds’ from their own end to a receiver’s end.

Optimizing the spend and receive algorithms sets a blockchain project ‘a head above others’; while many contemporary blockchains are able to process transfer and reception of assets, many users still face tangible constraints while using this feature, this steams from the complicated steps required before a transfer request is made and a slow speed of processing transactions. To serve the people better, an optimized means of spending funds is essential.

How Pascal coin simplifies cryptocurrency transactions

Pascal blockchain developers have developed a perfect…or near perfect spend technology with their traditional Pascal coin (PASC) running on the pascal blockchain which presents features which simplifies transacting with cryptocurrencies, solving most issues limiting the progress of blockchain technology as regards routine transactions and creating a perfect financial management technology.

Yet to get a pascal wallet? Download a pascal wallet here and obtain a free Pascal account here.

Done with that? Here’s what you will enjoy while using your Pascal account to perform transaction. Well, I guess you’re already doing so!

A super-simple wallet address

Taking a look at your wallet after obtaining a Pascal account, you could see one of the simplest set of numbers ever, your pascal wallet address definitely looks like ‘186418–64’, amazing? Surely. For the first time in your crypto journey you have to worry less about the lengthy and boring wallet address which you always have to copy and paste while performing any transaction, while memorizing such lengthy address with mixed characters is almost an impossible task, it also comes with a huge risk even when you do.

And here is where it gets even better, your wallet automatically deciphers the last two digits, hence you actually only need the preceding set of numbers, on the extreme, you only need to memorize seven digits, easier than your phone number, phew!

Incase you are still not completely impressed with that, you can give you pascal wallet address an alias; could be your name or anything you’ll memorize easily, a sender can easily enter these aliases and worry less about numbers.

Instant transaction

Custodial exchanges may require a number of blockchain confirmations to verify a transaction before they are credited to your account and hence don’t represent the actual transaction speed of any cryptocurrency.
Pascal coin transactions between personal wallets is almost instant with the pascal blockchain performing 1600 transactions per second. These transactions are hence instant and very little delays are only experienced when the blockchain handles an extremely large amount of transactions at a time, this is however a very rare scenario considering the super-fast nature of the pascal blockchain.

With your simple and cute wallet address, you’ll now also have to worry less about delays in transaction and keeping a recipient waiting.

Zero fee transactions!

You are unarguably excited about your simple wallet address and I guess you’ve given it an alias, probably your name and you don’t have to worry about memorizing anything at all (you surely don’t have any issue remembering your name!), with the super-fast transaction speed, fund transfers take just a couple of seconds, or none at all!

Well, that probably is still not enough to create the perfect feeling for you, but it even gets better!
Pascal blockchain presents a free daily transaction, this means that your first transaction for each day attracts zero fee, however, subsequent transactions attracts a fee of 0.0001 PASC, an amount which I consider negligible…relatively.

Making transactions in PASC, it’s flexibility and simplicity, all to the users’ satisfaction, obtaining a pascal account is as easy as it gets too. Guess it’s time to switch to a better way of doing things!

Get started with pascal coin:

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