Flower NFTs: Now you can own a piece of nature.

Well taken photographs are probably the least popular NFTs on sale at marketplaces. Not sure if this is generally true but my personal research suggests that. If you are an NFT art collector, there are higher chances that you have way more pixelated arts than proper pictures in your collection. Any reason you give for this is understandable.

NFTs were unarguably the biggest rave of the past year and are still waxing strong. Artists and content creators have since dived into this space with their skills. Various levels of creativity have been showcased by these creative minds and the space have found a sleek way to reward them.

You might have your reservations about NFTs…I do too, but regardless of how much you detest or love this concept, it is here to stay. Just like the internet and a lot of other revolutionary ideas, NFTs have met severe criticisms. Many of them despite being valid are not tangible enough to invalidate the brilliance of digital signatures as a concept. I’m personally against the high price of some of these NFTs, but still that isn’t tangible enough.

I’m not a fan of punks, bored apes, other pixelated arts and many other NFT arts; but I love well taken pictures. Personally, I scramble through NFT market places to see if I can lay my hands on some real photography NFTs but these are scarce, overpriced (for me) when available or hosted on blockchains with ridiculously high fees.

But while I was reading through some articles posted on Hive’s Leofinance community, I stumbled upon this Introductory post by Flowernfts

FLOWERNFTS gives you a piece of nature…on a platter

Flowernfts is all shades of uniqueness and for certain reasons I feel it was made specifically for…everyone. Like a product of a dedicated development, it solves every problem most other NFT projects face via a number of tactics.

For a brief description;

Flowernfts, is an nft project on fantom’s paintSwap NFT marketplace. It leverages Hive blockchain and Fantom’s opera chain to host unique and original pictures of nature and mint rare NFTs respectively.

Hosted on Hive blockchain; minted and traded on Fantom Opera Chain

A decentralized platform for hosting and a relatively cheap blockchain for minting and trading. FlowerNfts smashed the biggest challenges for NFT collectors with just two decisions. Impressive if you ask me.

Many NFTs are hosted on centralized platforms (including Instagram!), these platforms are totally unsafe for both the creator and the new owners of these assets. Hive blockchain is censorship resistant and is built around a community of millions of active users. The choice to use this platform is a brilliant one!

Apart from hosting the assets on hive, flowernfts will also build a community with the aid of this platform.

If you’re already eager to own a piece of these NFTs, the good news is that you can get one for as low as 10FTM ($27 at the time of this writing). With only 40 pieces of their first NFT minted, these NFTs are very rare!

Check it out here

Transaction fees and speed? Here’s where the second decision comes in. Fantom OperaChain is clearly a cheaper option than most other smart contract blockchains and very much faster too. Having used the blockchain myself; failed transactions isn’t something you should be worried about.

Let me not get ‘shilly’ here! Always do your own research and start by checking out Flowernfts:

On twitter
On Paintswap




Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are complicated; we simplify them. Follow us: https://linktr.ee/cryptoscripts

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Cryptocurrency Scripts

Cryptocurrency Scripts

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are complicated; we simplify them. Follow us: https://linktr.ee/cryptoscripts

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