How is your bull run going?


Shill me your next 100X! Lol, your favourite ‘shill influencer’ probably tweets this line twice a day. Crypto twitter is at an all time high in terms of toxicity. It blows hot, the shills are wild and so does the price go. One thing for sure; a lot of people are making profits. I mean $8,000 for $5.7 billion is more than generational wealth. Made in a few months…billionaires work their lifetime and more to get to this figure, jaw-dropping!

If are yet to realize it, we are in a bull run! A full-blown bull run. Now your 100X dreams is more than a reality. A countless number of projects did more than a 100X. It’s the ‘year of the bulls’. The whole space waited for three years to get here. A nice reward? Well, probably.

Bull runs are marked by a peak level of human greed, the fearful ones are probably on the sidelines watching the whole space triple its value. Even dormant projects with their last GitHub commit dating back to 2018 are making it to the top daily earners. Sounds funny but true…I don’t have the stats available, sorry.

Bitcoin was predicted to hit at least a hundred thousand dollars before the year runs out. Actually, $100,000 was a conservative prediction. Not sure if that’s still the case. Regardless, the run is so far a ‘sky-reaching’ one.

I’ve seen a couple of investors share their success stories. “A thousand dollar at the beginning of the year, a million dollar currently”. Turning a thousand to a million within a year is a genius move…if the claim is true.


Everyday looks like the tipping point, the top. But nope! The run continues after the ‘paper hands’ sell off. A little dip, and the run continues! Enjoy your profits if you sold early. But ‘early’ is actually a relative and personal term. If you did hit your target, then, unto the next one! Those wild moves are paying off and the gains are dropping.

Fact is, everyone is a genius trader in a bull run. When 70% of the markets are in green, it is hard to lose. Even dormant holders sit back and watch their money grow with the green candles. ‘Big dildo!’ this space should be X-rated, lol…that’s the drug though.

The thrills, the chills…that feeling of a genius investor. It happens once in a while, a ride you should enjoy…carefully.

How is your bull run going? You’re probably too busy to answer but take a moment. The gains, how many multiples? If you have a similar story with those turning thousands to millions or thousands to billions then you will have no issues sharing your stories from the back of your Lamborghini with your chauffeur at the front.

Personally, I’ve been able to turn a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Certainly not one of those crazy stories but yeah, every profit counts. I still have some bags and still hoping the bulls reign for a much longer time. If that happens, I might have a crazy story to share in the end.

But before then, let’s hear your story!

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Cryptocurrency Scripts

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are complicated; we simplify them. Follow us on twitter:

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