How to Use Binance Smart Chain DApps on Metamask and other wallets.

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So, you’ve set up your MetaMask wallet to use the Bince Smart Chain. If you’re still stuck on how this can be done, refer to My previous Article to set up your MetaMask wallet to use the Binance Smart Chain and other ethereum networks. Binance smart Chain provides a flexible platform for building decentralized applications and minting NFTs. Just like the ethereum network, it is a portable platform for building decentralized facilities and posses interoperability abilities. RoniniaSWap will be launching soon (October 1st) on Binance Smart Chain!

Thanks to its speed and relative cheapness, applications built on Binance Smart chain are rapidly gaining steam and overtaking similar applications built on ethereum blockchain, PancakeSwap is one of them.

Just like Uniswap on Ethereum Mainnet, PancakeSwap is decentralized exchange which allows user exchange cryptocurrencies on Binance Smart Chain without necessarily giving away full ownership of their tokens and enjoying blockchain-level security and Identity protection. PancakeSwap offers easy connectivity for a very wide array of ethereum wallets, including trust wallet of course! On PancakeSwap, users can easily Swap their tokens, provide liquidity and claim regular token distributions.

Cake; the platform’s traditional token is used can be used to vote on development proposal and can also be traded for other tokens on the platform and exchanges where it is listed. Similar to PancakeSwap; RobiniaSwap will lauch on Binance Smart Chain and users will be able to perform virtually every activity available on PancakeSwap on RobiniaSwap. But before Robinia launches, here’s how you can use PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain:

Connecting your wallet to Pancakeswap and using the services on the platform is pretty easy. Simply visit pancakeswap on; For MetaMask users, select Binance Smart Chain from the available network from your chrome extension (as explained in the article shared previously) before clicking the link or using the DApp browser on your Mobile wallet. You’ll be required to switch networks if this is not done earlier, whichever one you prefer.

Click “connect wallet” to connect your wallet to the platform. Clicking this will show available wallet connection option. For TrustWallet users, simply select TrustWallet from the Menu, MetaMask Users can select MetaMask and follow the succeeding prompt. We will use MetaMask for this Tutorial, the steps are basically the same and explanatory for any of the options. Other wallets with walletConnect functionality enabled can simply select ‘WalletConnect’ to connect to the platorm.

Follow the prompts and connect your wallet. Once connected, you can now use any of the services available on Pancake swap.

To swap your token for other tokens, Select swap and choose your desired pairs. If you are unable to find your desired token by simply typing its name or ticker on the input box, copy the contract address and paste it in the input box. It the Token is available, it will be located and shown. Select the token and desired amount you wish to swap for another token.

To provide liquidity, simply select ‘Liquidity’ and your desired pair, the process is pretty similar to that explained above. To provide liquidity, you must have at least an equal worth of both token in your wallet.

PancakeSwap also presents users with earning opportunities through liquidity farming and staking pools. Select “Earn” to see available Liquidity farms and staking pools to participate.

Robinia at launch will these features and opportunities mentioned above as well as attractive faming and staking APRs. Follow Robinia to stay informed.

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