Introducing CRYPTOCURRENCY SCRIPT community!

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies’ journey from mere ideas to arguably the biggest financial and technological disruption of the past two decades would make an interesting movie. Blockbuster! Kind of… written throughout the SCRIPT would be stories of incredible developers, free thinkers and most importantly; amazing COMMUNITIES which pioneered the success of various cryptocurrency projects from baby stages till stability.

The essence of an enthusiastic community can never be over emphasized, every idea needs a community. We have seen this play out countless times. Having this in mind, we are setting out on a mission to build a formidable community about…well EVERYTHING.
Cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, DeFi, NFTs… we are building a community where any of these and more can be discussed.

A borderless community!

Cryptocurrency script community is totally unrestricted! We welcome contributors from every location, race and interest. All crypto-related topics are appreciated. However, we hope the community members desist from conscious shills and advertisement. Feel free to introduce without prejudice; new and existing projects of your interest. Conversations in Cryptocurrency script community is open to both noobs and pros. Regardless of your level of understanding of cryptocurrency, your contributions are IMPORTANT!

A community built for you, by you!

We hope to grow our community organically, starting with YOU and growing with YOU. One member after the other, we aim to increase our population as much as we can and grow with time. Invitations are highly appreciated, INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!

A tipping/curation community?

Nah, we are building a completely independent and free-willed community without affiliation to any cryptocurrency project or team. This ensures purely organic and information-driven conversation in our community. Simply put, we are building a community where you can share your cryptocurrency ideas and get informative contributions. By this, we hope to facilitate the spread of cryptocurrency knowledge and dispute FUD statements and discuss current and future trends in cryptocurrency.

Incentivization? $script token?

Well; to be frank, we hope to build a community where members do not need incentives to interact or partake in certain community-driven goals; however, we welcome goodwill incentives by community members and are also considering regular incentivized promotional activities. A tokenized economy? As our community grows, we might consider a couple of community-improvement plans. Depending on the speed and extent of our growth, a traditional token could be developed to embody the values of our community. Prior to this, we will utilize existing tokens for our promotional activities.

AMAs and Expert discussions

We hope to enlighten our community members as much as possible, hence we will be expecting regular interactive sessions with knowledgeable cryptocurrency enthusiasts who wish to share their knowledge and ideas with our community. This could be by invitation or by will of the concerned person(s). New and existing projects will also host AMAs with our community to enable our members make informed investment decisions.

A dedicated website

Currently, we will utilize platforms such as Publish0x, medium, steem, hive… to publish our articles and reports. In the very near future, we will transit into a full website with member-postings enabled and also a medium publication Before this, we will be accepting articles from our community members who wish to publish on our Publish0x blog. More information about this will be provided soon.
A lot has been said already! WE HAPPILY WELCOME YOU!!


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