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Losing out on your cryptocurrency investments? You’re not alone, your fellow “cryptocurrency enthusiasts” are going through the same. You might want to ask the investor that introduced crypto to you. The crypto winter sets in regularly. This time around, it has blown even hotter with recurring unfortunate events. Bitcoin has returned to levels seen years ago, threatening to go even lower.

You should have sold at the top; everyone wishes they did too. But even at the top, it’s uncertain what comes next. Cryptocurrency trading is rightfully described as a risky venture. Jumping into it, it’s been a wild period for every investor and the chances are, everyone is looking for ways to ameliorate their losses through passive and active income opportunities.

With most active income opportunities looking like a deliberate ‘money-losing opportunity’, looking at some handy passive income opportunities is a good way. MOSDEX offers a basket of passive income opportunities through arbitrage trading and other incentivization schemes.

MOSDEX’s passive income is open to every investor and is without geographical restrictions. Let’s go through some of the most attractive passive income opportunities presented by MOSDEX.

MOSDEX Referral program

MOSDEX rewards you for spreading the word about your favorite arbitrage income platform. In this light, mouth-watering incentives are given to existing users who invite even more users to the platform.

To benefit from the referral program, simply sign up to obtain a MOSDEX account and a referral link as well. When your friend signs up through your referral link and stakes to the arbitrage protocol, you get a portion of their staking rewards when they claim their rewards.

To obtain your referral code and link, click on your profile icon and select Referral program from the dropdown. On the referral program page, scroll down to see your referral code and your referral link. You can also refer your friends via email by entering their email on the email input box beneath the staking rebate percentage and clicking Send Invitation.

Here’s a breakdown of the referral program commission structure.

Earn passively through the Arbitrage protocol

The arbitrage protocol itself is a huge passive income opportunity. You can earn handsome returns by staking your low-volatility asset to the protocol and watching your rewards accumulate in real-time.

Here’s what the protocol requires you to do; stake your funds to the protocol, choose a staking duration, grab a coffee and watch your rewards roll in. Get paid for drinking coffee, that’s right!

Our definitive guide takes you through the account creation procedure and most importantly, the staking procedure. Click here to learn how to use the platform and earn through low-risk arbitrage opportunities.

Percentage returns can be as high as 0.5% per day or even more. Do note that the presiding yield percentage is dependent on the staking duration and the profitability of the arbitrage traded by the protocol. Assets staked for the maximum staking duration (90 days) yield the highest returns.

The passive income staking program is expanding. Bitcoin and USDT are currently available. MOSDEX is gradually integrating assets into the platform to allow for risk mitigation and regulated transition. New assets will be added with time to usher in new cryptocurrency communities into the passive income arbitrage protocol.

While the team continues to work on these, you can convert your asset to bitcoin or USDT and stake them to the arbitrage protocol to earn income while you catch some breeze. Stakers can claim their rewards once the accumulated rewards exceed 10USDT or an equivalent in bitcoin. Staking yields are paid out in the staked currency.

Once claimed, the claimed funds are added to the users’ wallets from where they can be used as desired.

MOSDEX’s Profit Sharing Model (PSM)

MOSDEX, through its applications, generates profits by trading arbitrage across centralized and decentralized exchanges. The arbitrage protocol and the extra charges for using the platform are the major sources of revenue for MOSDEX. Through these media, the project will strive to create a solid reserve for further development.

However, to further reward users and other contributors for the role they play in the growth of the project, MOSDEX will be sharing a portion of the generated revenue with users. This is the core of the Profit Sharing Model. To take part in this opportunity, the principal requirement is to be an active user of the application. Create a MOSDEX account, deposit funds to the wallet and stake your funds to the arbitrage protocol to earn even more.


What is there to lose? MOSDEX’s passive income schemes are impressive; needless to say. MOSDEX claims to have introduced special security protocols to ensure that users’ funds stay safe on the platform while they earn on the platform. Following the unfortunate event FTX exchange and the FTT token, the latter asset has since been removed from the arbitrage trading protocol. This has so far NOT affected the profitability of the protocol, this is one of the ways MOSDEX maintains the protocol and protects it from unduly volatile assets.

The trading protocol is built to sustain users’ capital and while it runs, it generates extra revenues which are shared with other users through the Profit Sharing Model (PSM). So much to love, yet it is important to reiterate the importance of applying some personal risk management strategies. Once again, Click Here to create a MOSDEX account to start earning right away.

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