Messaging on the blockchain: Pascal is building the next solution!

Earlier this year, WhatsApp’s controversial privacy policy term update rocked the internet. Tons of users threatened to quit the popular messaging platform as concerns over breach of personal data continued to grow. Elon Musk-endorsed Signal messenger took a huge leap as it welcomed millions of new users migrating from WhatsApp. It had a whole dedicated rap (trap) song, lol.

Telegram messenger also witnessed a high influx of new users as the wave to boycott WhatsApp gained grounds. WhatsApp’s end-to-end ‘encryption’ never really impressed me; my intuition was right…again. Growth in electronic technology has been paralleled by growth in algorithms which tweaks electronic systems. Hacks, hijacks, breaches to mention a few, have heralded the development of the internet and solutions built on the internet.

Prior to the uproar which followed WhatsApp’s updated privacy terms, mismanagement of users’ data by centralized messaging platforms has always been a popular story. Telegram had been criticized for not offering an end to end encryption service which they claimed to provide. Events of ‘false’ end to end encryption common amongst centralized messaging platforms comes as a very little surprise. Complete privacy on centralized platforms is a rare story, if possible, at all. Many contemporary electronic communication firms claiming to run on end to end encrypted systems still eavesdrops on the communications going on over their network when the need arises. This is a conscious breach of users’ privacy.

Current social platforms haven’t really done so well in protecting users’ data and have themselves exploited users’ data for their own interest without due approval from the users. The centralized internet and solutions built on it hasn’t been ‘all shades of good’ and users will happily opt for better option…if they exist.

But, do better options exists? Currently the answer is plain, NO. New projects which claimed to be different from existing ones in the way they treat users’ data turns out to be even worse than the existing one.

Blockchain project — Pascal, has ‘teased’ a proposal to develop a completely decentralized messaging application on the pascal blockchain. The veteran blockchain project hopes to integrate a messaging function into its wallets. Pascal blockchain’s messenger will leverage certain features of pascal blockchain to enable completely decentralized and truly end-to-end encrypted sending and reception of messages between users on the blockchain.

Pascal hopes to deliver a robust messaging application capable of sustaining boundless human communication with risk of data loss, data breach and exploitation of users’ data. The proposed messaging application will leverage Pascal’s unique payload feature to enable exchange on encrypted texts between users.

The proposed messaging application will also feature a chat room feature which will support group messaging. Users will be able to create messaging groups and servers. We are about to have a Silicon Valley-level messaging application built on a truly infinite scalable blockchain. Pascal blockchain’s scalability and ability to handle tons of transaction per second will add more flare to the application and ensure smooth functionality and pleasant user experience.

Tons of real-world solutions are currently being built on distributed ledgers, blockchain technology is ravaging every sphere of human live and adding more efficiency or completely revolutionizing these sectors. Pascal’s messaging application comes at a time when human communication is going more virtual than real. As the need for efficient and healthy messaging platforms grows, maintaining a healthy platform is also becoming a tough task for both users and developers of these platforms.

Being built on the blockchain and integrated into a cryptocurrency wallet, Pascal places two solutions besides each other; a payment solution and a communication solution. Pascal’s high throughput, cheap and user friendly blockchain provides just the right resources for the success of these two solutions.
Stay tuned as we follow this development. More updates to come as regards this!

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