Reaching one trillion Dollar in total Market Capitalization was a bold statement by Cryptocurrency.

Put it all together, that’s a thousand billions! Crazy, right? Can’t really explain how we got here, but however it got to this, the journey was a very interesting one! I’m not really sure if this is exactly what Satoshi and a many other people wished for, but this is a bit too much to believe!

Total cryptocurrency market capitalization surpassed a trillion dollar. We once counted in thousands: sometimes in millions, spent a very long time counting in billions…but that’s all in the past, welcome to the trillion dollar experience!

Bitcoin has continued its upward trend. What started in the late days of 2020 has continued in the new year. Having smashed the $30,000 mark, the alpha cryptocurrency has continued to set new price levels and hitting new highs and higher support level. Market demand seems to continue on the rise and the buy orders are overpowering the sell orders to keep price soaring.

Other cryptocurrencies have joined the trail and have posted tangible gains over the past weeks. Cardano, Stellar Lumens and Nano has doubled in value over the past weeks and have gone further to post even more gains. Other notable projects have also made appreciable moves. Seems we are about to have another good time!

Well, get your space suits ready. It’s hard to guess what could come next, but it’s exciting what may come! Regardless of which way the market goes from here, ridding all the way to a trillion dollar is a memorable feat!

First trillion dollar mark, first of many to come…I guess. Cryptocurrency and the whole crypto space has made a very bold statement; to the banks, to the government, to the general public…to Wall street! I hope the whole message was properly delivered.

Cryptocurrencies still remain the most volatile assets, market fluctuations are bound to occur and a retrace to any level is possible, appreciation to higher levels and more trillions is also on the cards. Organic or manipulated growth? The nature of this growth is hard to explain…more of both, to be realistic. But it’s exciting to see how far we can go with a revolution.

Twelve years interval, one trillion of added value; it’s exciting to witness what the next decade holds for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology! Great way to begin the new year. More of this, we hope!



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