Sleep, Earn: Sleefi is paying you to lead a healthy life.

Our lifestyles have changed tangibly over the years. Tech revolution, capitalism, and an overall change in basic life routines have had more impact on our way of living than it has affected our economy. The tax and revenue systems remain unchanged; basically. Can’t say the same about the recurring life activities that keep us in vogue.

Engrossed with various activities; the medically prescribed six (6) hours minimum daily sleep time for adults is almost beyond reach for individuals within that age bracket. While this is mostly due to factors beyond control, a good percentage willingly trade a healthy sleep life for more conscious hours. I’d swap more sleep hours for more gaming hours though…this isn’t a healthy decision, obviously. But this is a popular decision, unfortunately. An even bigger problem is the quality of sleep during this shortened time.

An overall decrease in productivity is the most popular demerit of a poor sleep lifestyle; this goes beyond personal boundaries and factors into negative societal and global economic effects. A menace; current strategies to correct this developing problem haven’t really been effective. Simple warnings never really worked.

A few medically designed sleeping improvement facilities and drugs have emerged; these work, but the solutions are temporary and addictive, respectively. Artificial sleep quality improvement strategies have reportedly caused more problems than they solve.

A natural solution is a perfect fit…

Apart from offering an alternative payment system built on a distributed backend, blockchain technology offers a basket of opportunities. Thanks to features on modern blockchain platforms, it has evolved into a flexible resource that can be leveraged to solve a wide range of important problems or present a new way of doing the old things.

Leveraging blockchain protocols and expert psychology; SleeFi presents a natural and empirical solution to pioneer a global improvement in productivity via improved sleep health. SleeFi was born out of deep studies and devotion to lifestyle improvement experiments. SleeFi is a deviation and as well an improvement from existing sleep solutions.

Built for the people, SleeFi considers the everyday human in our contemporary society who are forced to or willingly shed their sleep hours for more conscious hours in an attempt to meet up with certain targets. The main aim is to improve the quality of sleep and attempt to improve sleep time as well.

SleeFi isn’t just the common “get paid to drink coffee” campaign. While those have worked repeatedly, healthy sleep habit has become a tough task…tougher than taking a cup of coffee. Sounds weird but recent research has confirmed that an awfully greater percentage of the adult population lives on a poor-quality sleep schedule and a maximum of four hours of sleep time. The older and younger population has also been affected greatly.

Sleefi knows this and is rewarding you for taking the (very) tough decision of sticking to a healthy sleep habit. I forgot to mention it but the ‘free coffee’ campaign is rare and mostly a hoax. In contrast, SleeFi’s reward strategy isn’t.

SleeFi leverages Non-fungible Tokens and blockchain’s decentralized tokenization economy to set up a reward scheme based majorly on sleep quality. While a good sleep time is vital, the quality of sleep during this time is even more important. Users earn more tokens for better sleep quality.

SleeFi is built on Avalanche blockchain with all of its functionalities packaged into the SleeFi application. Building on Avalanche blockchain offers users a more efficient and economized means of transaction.

SleeFi’s core functionalities are coded into BED — The Non-fungible Token (NFT) that controls Sleefi’s algorithms; SLFT (SleeFi Token) and SLGT (SleeFi Governance Token). SLFT is the main reward token. Users earn SLFT based on the quality of sleep while using the application. SLFT is tradable and can be used to improve SleeFi’s NFTs. SLGT is the governance token and allows users to participate in Sleefi’s DAO and vote on improvement proposals. SLGT is also tradable and can be used to level-up NFTs

Using SleeFi’s solution is easy. Simply download the SleeFi mobile application and set-up an account. An avalanche wallet address is created to allow users receive Avax coin and SleeFi’s tokens and NFTs.

Detailed guide on using the Sleefi application and NFT
learn more about SleeFi

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