Syntropy kicks off ‘60 days of growth’; featuring eye-catching milestones.

Syntropy’s six-month sprint remains one of the most impressive run-ups to a roadmap proposal by a cryptocurrency and blockchain project. Absolute masterpiece! One milestone after the other, and time never ran this fast. Six months gone; all promises delivered! And you can easily guess, the market reflected that! Syntropy ended the previous year as one of the best performing projects on the crypto space, price-wise and overall improvement. Walking its way to relevance in the vast crypto space, Syntropy has maintained its uniqueness as the team continues to build on past achievements while expanding intellectual and material resources.

Following the flamboyant end of the 6 months sprint program, Syntropy has announced an action-packed ‘Sixty days of growth’ program! Just like the six months sprint, Syntropy’s Sixty days of growth program features developmental milestones which the team hopes to achieve during this time frame. Well, this time, things are about to get even more exciting!

Sixty days, tons of exciting goals! Developmental milestones proposed by the syntropy teams as part of the ’60 days of growth program’ hopes to improve every aspect of the project, including governance, community management, token utility and overall tokenomics, and technological improvements.

Syntropy inches closer to realizing its goals, with vital infrastructures already developed, the sixty days of growth is focused on building on these achievements. Executives from tech giants, Verizon, Microsoft and AT&T have joined Syntropy’s advisory board, adding more intellectual resources to an already amazing team. Syntropy has also announced the addition of former HP, BELL LABS and AT$T executive; Joe Weinman to its advisory team. This marked the commencement of the sixty days of growth.

An experienced and hardworking team, a super resourceful advisory team, Syntropy keeps getting even better! Over 20 (exciting) events and each one of them gives me goosebumps. Fact is, it is very hard to choose which, but, here’s my top personal picks from ‘the sixty days of growth’ events:

Tokenomics paper and Staking

When the tokenomics is done right, a project is headed for exponential growths. Tokenomics delineates, a project plan for its utility token. Syntropy has done amazingly well as regards this, current tokenomics ensures that its native token becomes an integral part of the project’s growth. The Syntropy team has created countless use cases for the NOIA token and each one of these use cases strengthens the token’s fundamentals and makes for mutuality between the project’s token and the project itself. As syntropy grow, the NOIA token has continued to grow as well; in value and utility. Despite the current tokenomics being an outstanding one, the new Tokenomics paper is set to specify even more exciting utilities for the NOIA token. Being a long-term token holder and a strong believer in the missions of syntropy, this is definitely my number one pick! It is exciting to see what the team comes up with, marvelous as usual and surely another outstanding development!

The team has also announced plans to introduce a staking program. Staking has formed the most popular means of passive earning in the crypto space. A staked token earns the holder more tokens for the period is stays staked to the network. Through the staking program, Syntropy is set to reward its holders with…more tokens! Regardless of what the APR will be, a chance to earn more NOIA tokens for free is very exciting! I’ve got my bags ready, send it! Lol.

Syntropy VPN Launch

A VPN from Syntropy? Absolute nuts! A Virtual Private Network (VPN) puts users in complete control of their activities on the internet. For a project which has shone light on the best ways to improve the internet, a VPN developed by Syntropy is one to watch out for! VPNs encapsulate and transmit network data, typically Internet Protocol data, over another network. This enables users to access network resources that may otherwise be inaccessible from the public internet. A VPN puts you in charge of your internet, it improves your abilities. They are frequently used in the information technology sector to provide access to resources for users that are not physically connected to an organization’s network, such as telecommuting workers. A number of VPN projects exists, but, if there is any project that understands the real use of a VPN, then its Syntropy. In that case, Syntropy’s VPN already sounds too good to me!

Technology RoadMap and DAO vision

The technology is already great, but seems we are just getting started, of course we are! Syntropy team is set to present a new statement on the chronological order of its future technological additions. Syntropy team always plots great things, I personally can’t wait to see what they come up with this time around.

Its hard to guess what the team’s plans as regards the ‘DAO vision’. Decentralized autonomous organization is a word thrown about frequently in the crypto space, couple of reputable DAOs, lots of ‘hyped’ ones too. I can’t really tell what the team will come up with, but if it’s Syntropy, then it’s perfection! One to watch out for too!

Jonas Profile pic

Jonas Simanavicius is arguably one of the most hardworking CTOs in the crypto space right now! I’ve never missed his video sessions. It is soothing seeing someone so ambitious. His persistent efforts have contributed immensely to syntropy’s growth. Well, that’s just by-the-way. ‘Jonas profile pic’, huh? Lol. That cracks me up each time and I seriously can’t wait to see what it is all about!

We are on the run already, the six months sprint was a wild ride, the ‘sixty days of growth’ program is sure to get even wilder, with more activities packed, we are on for a real treat. Expect an intriguing run of days. Syntropy always delivers, but this one will be epic! I’m in for all the thrills! What about you? which event(s) excites you most?



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