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5 min readJun 28, 2021


We are close to completing the swap process for NIX token holders. Feels nostalgic; at the same time, we are overwhelmed by what is to come and the real feeling of a new beginning has heralded each and every one of us at Mute. Right from inception, we have held one thing in high esteem — developing true solutions; a goal which we have transformed into a tradition. As NIX, we pursued this in earnest; writing pieces of codes, suggesting new solutions and well, fixing bugs!

Privacy is a human right; we keep repeating this! It is our value for this concept that has given birth to some of our dreams, a major goal of the (now old) NIX project. With NIX, we built solutions that give back the right to privacy to every user. Our technology was frank and our solutions were true. Every line of code was written painstakingly! Amidst the odds; we were never deterred; each day gave birth to challenges and solutions as well. Regardless of how tough the former proved to be or how enormous the latter was, our community never turned their back on the project they love and respect.

We boast of our technology; but we can’t boast enough about our community a support we sincerely don’t deserve… no one does! Building a good technology is never an easy process, same as building a great community. Actually, it’s hard to say which is harder. Individual opinions about our technology may differ, but our opinion about our community remains intact. One word isn’t enough to describe our community, but if any comes close; ’AMAZING’ would be our word of choice. But that still doesn’t do justice!

At the wake of our decision to venture into the DEFI space, ethereum blockchain and Layer-2 ecosystem; we recognized respectively, a concept which needed ‘urgent’ solutions, a ‘near-perfect’ blockchain with little but vital shortcomings and a solution which needs further development. For each of these we envisioned a judicious use of our human and material resources, this marked the birth of MUTE.

Contrary to its name; MUTE was created to give you a Voice. To reflect this, we named our governance token VOICE. Two contradicting names, one common goal — User empowerment. User empowerment summarizes every goal and vision of MUTE. Our technology is not only meant to add value to users, it also puts them in charge, same applies to our governance model. We rebranded the Nix Bridge Token (NBT) to VOICE and developed a completely decentralized autonomous organization and automated governance infrastructures, each one of these is a step towards empowering users.

Previously, we stated the Issues facing DEFI and How we are approaching this through technological solutions and managerial techniques. We developed prototypes and products as well. Our prototypes are ‘clear-cut’, our products are ‘sincere’. Still, we are in the earliest stage of our project. These ‘baby steps’ are fast transforming into a movement, a revolution. Nothing relevant is easily built, MUTE is not an exception to this. Like a well-planned building, we are adding bricks and structuring our products to work best. We invest the best efforts and utilize the best possible resources in our building process.

Time runs…and time is money. Yeah, you are probably hearing this for the one thousandth time.

With this in mind, we have specified timelines when we hope to achieve certain milestones, launch events, halt or stop occurring ones. We have followed these timelines till date and are working hard to continue with timeliness. It is in this vein that we keep reminding holders of the old NIX tokens to follow the guidelines and swap their NIX tokens to MUTE as we move over to ethereum blockchain. Holders of NIX Bridge token are not required to do anything as their old token will automatically reflect the new ticker.

Completion of the swap process marks the full onset of the MUTE journey. The circulating supply of MUTE token will be determined by the Number of NIX tokens swapped successfully as we have no plans to release extra tokens into circulation. Judging from current statistics, we are speculating that about thirty million (30,000,000) NIX coins will be swapped to MUTE token. If this becomes the case, this will be the circulating supply of MUTE token. The correct statistics will be shared at the end of the swap process.

On June 30th the token swap gateway closes, an extra four days will be given to allow users claim their swapped tokens. Sequel to this, we will channel our efforts towards developing MUTE as we put the NIX blockchain to rest. Tough decision, but for the very best. With MUTE we are building a product of possibilities. One that answers many important questions and empowers its users. MUTE and MUTE SWITCH will embody our technology while VOICE and the Voice control DApp will embody our community values. We are kicking off with these two products knowing fully well that they are the first of many more exciting products to emerge from our ecosystem as we evolve in every aspect.

MUTE is alive, but NIX is NOT dead anyways. Same community, same team, same values only thing that changed is our branding, and backbone. Building on ethereum simplifies our growth to an extent. We have an opportunity to utilize some existing solutions, we will move faster and most importantly, our efficiency will be improved.

We have mastered our new niche and are already building on it. Fact is, we are closer to achieving our goals than anyone think. We continue working earnestly. One thing to look back on is Our COMMUNITY. With the immense support, our confidence is higher than it has ever been. We will keep this energy, grow it and channel it towards developing the best products and empowering users.

There is a lot to be said, but we understand that action speaks louder. As the deadline for the swap process draws close, we will hit the pedal on further development. We believe in timeliness as a virtue, we believe that our community deserves the best, we believe in giving you a VOICE, We believe in MUTE.

Don’t stay Mute, Use your Voice.



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