What did you do with your FORTH airdrop?

If you are reading this article on publish0x, then the higher chance is that you received the recent FORTH token airdrop. Readers on other platforms might have a very different story. Alright, in case you are just getting to hear about it; Ampleforth — the elastic token supply project on the ethereum blockchain recently launched their governance token ($FORTH). Forth is the governance token of the Ampleforth ecosystem, Forth holders can vote on various proposals and contribute to the Ampleforth governance. Forth holders can also delegate their tokens if they prefer someone voting in their place.

To reward loyal holders, the Ampleforth team airdropped about 60% of the Forth token supply to Ampleforth holders who have interacted with the Ampleforth ecosystem. If you ever held Ampleforth on your personal wallet and have been rebased, then you stand a chance of earning some Forth. Click here to check your eligibility.

Thanks to the integration of Ampleforth for tipping on Publish0x, a good number of Publish0x authors and readers received the airdrop. Personally, I received about 135FORTH, worth about $5,600 at the time of this writing with Forth trading above $42. Biggest money I ever got…for free! Ecstatic! I guess everyone who received this huge drop felt exactly the same. While a number of people received way more than this, a lot more received less.

Over $5,000 for free? The crypto space is a weird place! I missed the UNI airdrop, but I still feel this is a way bigger compensation. However, beyond the excitement, I personally feel these tokens would serve a better purpose than just cashing in on them. Having this in mind, I’m keeping hold of my FORTH tokens and not thinking about selling them off anytime soon.

However, I’m certain a greater population did something different. Now let me guess once again, you sold off whole or a part of that huge drop, not sure you still have a tangible FORTH sitting in your wallet. It’s a plausible feat if you still do! Majority of the benefactors probably hit the exchanges immediately they got that cake, but that’s typical. If you are yet to trade some of your FORTH, then you should bookmark this article and comeback to it when you finally do. If you sold, then join us already!

Re-investments? Certainly, many people fall in this category, thumbs up maestro! Selling off some FORTH tokens to diversify your cryptocurrency holding is an idea which ‘might’ payback handsomely. Nothing is certain on these streets anyways. I’d buy myself some other cryptos too, put the eggs in separate baskets, spread some hundreds of USD across a couple of assets and sit back like a boss! But I prefer staying put for now.

Okay, re-investing doesn’t really sound reasonable to some, that new lambo (emm, Toyota, I mean) has to be bought, $3000 on the budget and you’ll have just have to add a couple more to cop that new whip! I guess a few did that, if you did then safe ride!…lol

If you are a gamer like myself, then I guess you checked out amazon for that new PS5, with just a few Forth you’ll get yourself the latest joybox and still have some cash left. Lionel Messi got that 93 rating on FIFA21, just giving you some heads up…haha. You should try streaming your gameplay on THETA tv though.

What else? You went grocery shopping? Some new party clothes…there’s way too may things to get when you have $5,000…especially when you got it without breaking a sweat. Some Travis Scott burger and a couple of pizza. It’s your own pizza day, Lazlo will probably buy some more pizza if he got the drop…some compensation for those 10,000 bitcoins he spent buying pizza some years ago. That Travis scott and McDonald collab is certainly worth a try, you might want to trade some FORTH for them…

Certainly going into sicko mode too! Source

What would you add? I’ve got a couple more stuffs I would spend $5000 on, probably an Audemars Piguette wrist watch and some Nike, get a new drip and that crypto millionaire appearance. You know better! Now back to my question; what did you do with your FORTH airdrop?

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