What’s your goal on crypto space?

I cross-posted an article from my blogspot to steemit when I learnt I could earn some steem from just writing on the platform. Despite having a good knowledge about bitcoin, blockchain technology and their potentials; my utmost goal getting a steem account was the money! Not to dive into an early conclusion but a good majority finds themselves on the same page. Different stories, same conclusion.

Over the years, the crypto space has seen quite an explosive growth. Sequel to the 2017 boom, over ten thousand (10,000) more (new) cryptocurrencies have been added to cryptocurrency tracking services. Do the maths; at least five new cryptocurrency projects are added to cryptocurrency tracking services daily, on an average! In that case, a new cryptocurrency is born every five hours! This statistic is an average of course and varies to a very large extent. This explosive growth has also reflected in the value of the ecosystem, moving from measly figures to trillions of dollars. Individual projects have recorded mind-blowing return on investments.

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Posting major gains, cryptocurrencies have outperformed most other investments during the last decade; real estate and precious metals inclusive. It has pioneered the greatest transfer of wealth ever recorded. These gains and the buzz they create easily lure investors. Trying their guts, investors bet their capital on projects they believe in and expect gains. Sometimes these investors are impressed by the technology and their interest in this space deepens. For quite a few, being a part of a technology that is poised to take over the system has been the main interest from the start.

Driving some engagements with my first article on steem and earning some ‘upvotes and resteems’ the platform’s structure quickly impressed me. Censorship resistance, durability and communal reward system, steemit’s technology was amazing…it still retains that reputation for me. Came for the money, stayed for the technology. My knowledge quickly grew from reading other articles about cryptocurrency on the platform. Further involvements were products of interests in the technology…and the money too!

Exploring the crypto space is a different feeling, regardless of your major drive. Couple of projects working towards solving a particular (real-life) problem. Price-wise and tech-wise all looks shinny. Properly written whitepapers, ‘capable’ team and lively communities; cryptocurrency is one of the best marketed concepts of our contemporary time!
It’s impossible to ignore the financial advantages of investing in cryptocurrency and very rare to find an enthusiast whose drive is solely the technology. I’m yet to find one, which is actually why this article was made. It will be interesting to meet the tech minds exploring the crypto space for the main purpose of getting involved in the technology!

Alright; venturing into cryptocurrency, what’s your goal? The money, the technology…a mixture of both. If I should make a gues; I’ll still leave it up to you. Fill up the comment box! will be cool to find out! Also consider joining the discussion on our COMMUNITY.

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