2021’s biggest trends in your own language.


We are closing in on a year that will live long in our memories as one of the ‘trendiest’ years in the history of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Just like every other year, the events of this year will further shape the future of these two concepts. But unlike other years, this year will probably present the most positive impacts…relatively. About Five big trends shaped a huge year for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, we will go through some of them.

Decentralized Finance(DeFi)

Forget all those long definitions of DeFi; the plain understanding is enough for now. Swaps, farms, pools, and ‘connect wallet’ lol. Like a ‘plug and play’ system, connecting your wallet to a website is all you need to experience a whole world of fun …and risk. Yeah, you were probably scammed more times that you were helped. But don’t worry, you must have farmed more than enough to cover these losses …I guess

Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)

NFTs have been around for sometimes now. Binance did issue a ‘new year’ NFT sometimes two years ago. However; 2021 saw the biggest adoption for digital signatures. Very big names such as adidas, countless celebrities and artists have joined the trend. But don’t worry ‘right click and save’…lol.


The popular argument against NFTs is a troubling one, yet, the future is more than bright for non-fungible tokens. Many NFT arts have risen in value in a short while. You will need at least 10eth to own a bored ape NFT. But I’m not bored yet and I’m not a fan of apes. That’s not funny…it was meant to be though.

Mike Winkelman is probably considering buying an island as you read this, it’s very possible he already sealed a deal with an estate agent. After selling his art work for about $69 million, the graphic designer popularly known as Beeple is currently one of the richest artists alive. Sixty-nine million dollars, a whole lot I must say! The Non-fungible token bubble…sorry, boom, took the crypto space by the storm and for yet another time in the crypto space, money sounds like mere numbers!


If you’re quite good at pulling pictures and videos and showing the ‘joke’ in them; you stand a good chance of making quite a lot of money in this space. Not just that, the concept you’re feeding on is worth over a hundred billion dollars. Well, someone made billions buying meme coins.


In a world filled with anxiety, and sadness; jokes are actually worth a whole lot, memecoins reflect that. Ever heard of DogeCoin? You must have heard about Shiba inu or Santa floki inspired by ‘Elon Musk’s Christmas tweet’. Memecoins might sound and appear funny but they had the biggest ROI this year (at their peak. Yeah, you can make (and lose) a lot of money just trading memecoins. Welcome to the crazy face of crypto, thank you.

The Metaverse

With pollution and corruption taking over our world, I guess it’s time to try and exist somewhere else. Not Mars; Elon Musk can have that. Well, somewhere not too far. If you haven’t bought a land in decentraland, then you are missing out on the biggest real estate opportunity. Jeff Greene needs to do something real quick.

Don’t mind me; not totally though, the metaverse is something you should pay some attention to if you’re yet to do so. Facebook rebranded to Meta in an attempt to reflect their newest and biggest diversification. Unfortunately, it is the crypto space that took the lead once again, you will have to catch up again this time; Mark.

Metaverse projects took over the last quarter of the year and will surely stretch to the next year as we jump into extraterrestrial existence. This one will be fun to watch.

What’s your favourite trend in 2021? We night as well do a second part if the suggestions are big enough. But before that comes, let us know your experience with these trends and let us know if we omitted anyone!

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